Volume 1

In volume 1, seven videos explore subjects like image, teamwork, fitness and focus; allowing people to see how this can impact their lives inside and outside of the sporting arena. Each video follows the experiences of four athletes from across the country and will take people on a journey of discovery, creating perfect platforms for conversation and discussion through helpful group questions.


As we seek to carve out our own gameplan in our faith we need to be mindful that we are called to make disciples of all nations and be witnesses of Christ to the very ends of the earth. This idea has to be at the very forefront of our mind.


Right now it seems we are consumed with physical fitness and the search for the perfect body. You cannot move for fitness blogs, insta nutrition gurus, YouTube workout videos, or the latest lifestyle diet. But what does fitness have to do with our faith?


We are all far from perfect. Our appearance may often have flaws or scars, visible or hidden. But are your flaws and scars who you actually are? Is there more to your image than the one you might instead carefully produce, cover or protect?


Can you picture in your mind the last time you were part of a really great team? If you were to shut your eyes and think back to that time, what would it look like? What would it feel like? Together we can find our place and identity from our role within God’s team.


Coaching is a challenging and integral part to all sport teams. As leaders on a journey our primary role and focus has to be to model the pattern of Jesus, who as he trained his disciples helped them each to fulfil the potential he saw in them.


When was the last time you watched someone do something and just thought ‘Wow! I wish I had the ability to do that!’ How did you use that? Was it just another passing thought that left your mind as quickly as it entered it or did it challenge and inspire you to do something about it?


Connecting your passion for Jesus with your love of sport might just be the thing you need to focus on as you begin to look for fresh opportunities of ministry through Sport, because that could open new doors and develop new relationships with all kinds of people.

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