Volume 2

In Volume 2 we’ve focused on individual stories and experiences from across the country. These cover a range of sportsmen and women; from a former Olympic athlete still breaking world records, to a retired commentator who has reported on over 3,000 matches.
As each person shares insight on their experiences of sport and faith, we can explore together everyday searching questions about life. The questions and quotes provided in the guide will help to promote this in an individual or group setting.

Ian Richards – Support.

How have you seen sport bring people together? Ian Richards shares his powerful story from Wheelbarrow races in school to the Olympic Games in Moscow, and how through it all Sport had the power to breakdown barriers that other things don’t seem to be able to touch at times.

Andy Kirk – Surrender.

Andy competed at the highest level of Rugby league. During this time he met a physiotherapist named Tommy Smiles who began to share with him about Jesus and faith. Andy’s faith became a foundational part of his life, helping him to overcome some of his greatest challenges.

Colin Slater – Commit.

Colin has commentated and reported on over 3000 football matches making him one of the longest running football commentators in history. Colin’s faith has remained a part of his ‘everyday life’ throughout his experiences, and there are countless players who have been supported and helped because of his openness and willingness to live a life of faith.

Dave Cotterill – Transform.

Growing up in a house of boys, Dave always loved sport, especially football. Over the years, Dave has realised how effective sport can be as a tool to help people through difficult circumstances and ultimately lead them to a deeper knowledge of the presence of God.

Amanda Jackson – Chosen.

In the final video of the series, Amanda shares her experiences supporting and encouraging sports men and women from the sidelines. After hurtful experiences growing up, Amanda realised how important our words can be in and out of the sporting arena, and believes there’s a place for everyone in connecting to people through sport.

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